Dakpets Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for

  • DOG BRUSH HAIR BRUSH: Our deshedder is developed by pet care experts who specialize in pet care. Our product reduces the loss of young and old dogs and cats by up to 95%. You don't have to worry about unsightly hair or fur all over your house, beds or car. Think of the MONEY you SAVE on pet care and visits with your vet or caregiver! This dog cat grooming comb is priced so well that you can keep one at home and in the car
  • 100% RISK FREE: Our unconditional MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We only sell NEW dog and cat scrubbing brushes – choose from blue, yellow and pink brushes . We do not offer any questions asked 60 days REPLACEMENT ASSISTANCE or REFUND if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason. Our promise to you – it's that simple
  • HIGH QUALITY PET REMOVER: Made of materials with a non-irritating 100 mm-4 inch replaceable stainless steel pet comb, safe blade cover that protects the life of the blades. Durable rubber handle for non-slip grip; strong stem that does not break. It's a perfect comb for cats and dogs – a versatile self-contained pet combing tool. It's a quick, clean way to remove loose undercoat from dog and cat hair while getting a shiny top coat brush.
  • PET BRUSH: Best for shedding small to large animals. Our product protects your cat and dog from fur irritation. Also a surefire way to prevent topcoat damage while promoting a soft, smooth, healthier skin and coat for your pet. Suitable for single and double coat pets; brushing gives your pet healthy skin and a shiny coat. Reduce fur problems by brushing your furry companion regularly, reducing the chance of reactions in your home
  • SHARE AN ANIMAL LOVE: BUY A SPARE; one for a loved one and one for a friend. RECOMMENDED by both veterinarians and professional pet groomers. Be amazed at the results of our cat brush and dog brush for ALL SHAPES AND SIZES � (Small Medium and Large � (Cats and dogs with short, medium and long hair). Use our pet brush with confidence on all your pets. Trimming in just one session from 10 minutes Also available – replacement stainless steel combs (optional) in blue, pink and yellow colors

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What is the difference between this and the furminator other than the "ejector button" and insane price on the furminator. does the fm work better?

My understanding is that the ferment is a lot more for undercoat hair. Depend upon the moment of year and your certain animal's hair.

Does this work on short hair cats?

I LOVE this for my short-hair cat. He constantly gets terrible floor coverings on his back and this stops them and damages them up. He likes to have me use this on him. So does my long-hair feline that does not have mat troubles. They do not such as any type of various other types of brushes or combs.

Can you use this while taking a bath? or is it recommended for dry fur only?

I would certainly state completely dry. The fingers are like one side of a hair clipper. I was astonished at just how much fur came out of my pet dogs, one has 1/2 -3/ 4" hair and the other has 1-1 1/2" hair. Handfuls with just a few strokes.

Where do you purchase replacement combs for this deshedding tool?

Get in touch with depots- [email protected] Approximated costs for substitute combs (conditional) are: -1 blade = $6 plus freight, 2 blades= $11 plus products, 3 blades= $15. 50 plus freight

Is the blade a good size for shorthair cats under 10 pounds?

I believe it's also wide for my 7 pound chihuahua. You'll just be using (at many) about 40% of its width at any kind of position on your cat's body. If your pet cat does not like being combed, the "remaining" blade width may be a hazard or just aggravating. Situation in factor, my pet dog likes to attack the added size.

I have 2 large dogs with thick coats a husky and a noregien elk hound will this work?

I can't be 100% sure directly, as our dog is a short hair breed, however we saw much of the reviews before acquiring and also determined to try this out - it actually works fantastic for us. Now, on the product packaging, it clearly specifies this deShedding device is appropriate for buth lengthy and short hair types and for cats, so I think that this can work well with your pets. For the cost, you can not beat it and also it absolutely does the same job as the Furminator, simply sets you back a great deal, much less. My spouse has examined the Furminator on our pet and he claims they bot do the same job. Give it a shot and adhere to the instructions specified on the plan before utilizing to get the most effective outcomes, eliminating knots and also tangles beforehand. It is mild too. Hope this aids.

how wide is the blade

They bought it for a close friend whose comment was "it's remarkable." Texted her about a size of blade and she says she has no suggestion - possibly 4". I'll try and get even more details for you in a day or 2. Sorry, I could not be of more help.

Is this deshedding tool cutting the hair? It sure seems like it.

I have not discovered to be a trouble with my pets and pet cats. It seems to work similar to a flea comb. I found that it took some top coat away and also I assume if you struck the same area over and also over you could get a bald spot. Would certainly I use this on a show coat? No, however, for pet canines and cats, even steeds, yes, I would certainly use without doubt. We used if this on a canine or feline with a very lengthy coat, it might indeed cut the hair. I mean, the blade of the comb appears like a clipper blade, yet not sharpened, so there is that.

if i buy this do i still need a slicker brush?

YES! The slicker brush "brushes" the pet and also eliminates "some" hair. It is like a "normal brush". The Fairmont that you are describing is sort of like a "razor cut". It eliminates the underlying coat of hair. The part of the layer that is "passing away off'. I use this on my Huskie but ONLY when she drops her old layer. I use it regarding two times a week when she drops in March/April and also then once more in the early fall. Do not use this day-to-day!!! It will certainly "slim" the pet dog way too much. So ... if you canine is a SHEDDER, yes, get both. If the canine does not lose, only require the slicker brush.

Does this work on long hair dogs?

Lori Cernik- I handve both a BLACK LAB and a Brittany Spaniel (both 12years old). both extremely energetic dogs and both dropped like insane Spring and also fall. I have fairly a collection of no more made use of tools a prefer the one you ARE REFERRING TO over all of them because of it fasting and also complete ... as soon as you get the hang of it. Not only does it eliminate but also (and also in my point of view similarly vital) once they plug it up because you waited too long, it is extremely simple to get back at work with just several reverse strokes. Not only that, however, my pet dogs delight in obtaining brushed current rather than all the tangles and snarls the various other ways.one caution ... this fool is extremely sharp, so see to it you change the safety cover each time you make use of the tool.