Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Ball

  • SQUEAKY BALL TOYS: This 2-pack squeaky dog ​​ball is designed with a built-in squeaker that makes fun sounds during retrieval, making fetching even more exciting for dogs. Compatible with Chuckit dog ball launchers
  • DURABLE DESIGN: The high bouncing ball for dogs is made of durable rubber for aggressive chewers, but does not wear out on gums and teeth. The buoyancy of this dog toy allows it to float on the water to be picked up at the pool, lake or beach
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Item Package Quantity:2

Chuckit! Ultra squeaker ball captures dogs’ interest in engaging fetch games and encourages dogs to jump and chase. The Chuckit! Squeaker Ball has a built-in squeaker that makes funny sounds during retrieval, attracting pets for extra excitement. With a high bounce rubber construction, this strong dog toy improves retrieval and promotes healthy exercise for dogs. The ball’s smooth rubber surface resists dirt and drool and is easy to wipe clean. The rubber material also makes the balls durable dog toys for aggressive chewers. The bright orange and blue design grabs the attention of dogs in the air and can be easily seen in tall grass or on water, making them excellent dog pool toys. Available in three sizes ranging from small to large, a wide variety of dogs will enjoy retrieving with the Chuckit! ultra squeaky ball. Two-packs are available in select sizes for pet parents to keep an extra ball handy while retrieving. The Chuckit! ultra ball squeaker ball is compatible with various Chuckit! launchers, improving retrieval with drool-free pick-ups and long-range throws

Product Dimensions

2.55 x 5.44 x 6.56 inches 0.01 Ounces

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Date First Available

March 24, 2016



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The price of this product increased by 50% in the last 30 days. Why???

I've ordered these many times too, so I'll find them elsewhere. Enough people ordered them so they raised the price. I don't need them.

Is the large the same size as a tennis ball?

No, the Medium is considered the size Tennis Ball.

Would I be correct in assuming that the measured size for the squeaker ball is the same as the ultra ball? s= 2.5", m=3.0 ", l=3.5".

Dear ZAP, All Chuckit Balls I've bought follow almost a standard size. S=2", M=2.5", L=3", XL=3.5" and XXL=4". I bought the Chuckit Squeaker, Ultra, Max Glow, Fetch, Tennis and Erratic Balls and they all follow these on the feet Sizes Strangely they are not exact, some are sometimes 1/4" or less. I hope this helps you. Maren

Which size will fit in the "standard chuck it?" aka the tennis ball size? thanks!

Medium. This ball is 2.5 inches wide.

I have a question. The product description says the size is 2.6 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches. Hey guys, its a ball. What size is it really?

Well they say it's the size of a tennis ball but IMO it's a bit smaller. Perhaps between a racket ball and a tennis ball size. PS the beeping doesn't stop

is this (small) very easy to make squeak? have a young dog who is just learning how to play, likes squeaking but needs it to be easy, to get the idea

size tennis ball, your pup won't make it squeak unless a larger breed

Can the squeaker be replaced?

The pager on mine fell into the ball. I can't imagine how it can be replaced especially if your dog grinds it in his mouth. I wouldn't know where to find a replacement either.

is the ultra squeaker chuck it ball waterproof?

Same here, beeper broke the first day. Decided to send it back/exchange for a new one (in case mine was just faulty) - but the beeper broke again within the first day or two of mild use. Ha, and I'm talking about *minimal* wear and tear: just a few indoor games - on carpeted floors - with a graceful 10lb. Lhasa apso/poodle mix). If a durable squeaker is important to you/your dog -> AVOID this product at all costs.

Can i combine shipping if I buy 5 of these?


Does this fit small chuckit thrower

The little balls do fit in my little chuck it. My big pom destroys ordinary chuck it balls quickly. These seem indestructible so far. He likes to play catch.