Chuckit! Ultra Ball

  • ULTRA BOUNCE BALL: This dog ball toy entices play with high impact bouncing! Play fetch by the lake or pool thanks to the lightweight, floating design. Compatible with Chuckit! ball thrower.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE: Rubber ball for dogs has a textured surface and a thick rubber core for aggressive chewers, yet is gentle on the dog’s mouth.
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The Chuckit! Ultra Dog Toy Ball is the ultimate retrieval ball, designed to bounce higher, float better, last longer and stand out from the crowd. The ultra ball is made of natural rubber with a high bounce and encourages dogs to jump and jump for more stimulating games of fetch. With an extra thick rubber core, these dog fetch toys are durable for extended use, yet lightweight and buoyant as a water toy for dogs. Chuckit! Ultraballs are strong dog toys that stop dirt and drool and are easy to wipe clean. The bright orange and blue design grabs the attention of dogs in the air and is easy to spot in tall grass or on the water. Available in five sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large, dogs of all sizes can enjoy retrieving with the Chuckit! ultraball. Two-packs are available in select sizes for pet parents to keep an extra ultra ball on hand. The Chuckit! ultra ball is compatible with the Chuckit! Ball Launcher for dogs, improves retrieval with drool-free pick-ups and long-distance throws.

Product Dimensions

2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches 6.6 Ounces

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Date First Available

July 12, 2004



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How big is this compared to a tennis ball?

I would certainly warn anyone to err on the side of huge. Rubber rounds are heavy and while these are distinctive which helps a load, you don't desire an athletic canine to catch one airborne and mistakenly lodge it in its throat. The 3 inch version is perfect for my 95 pound Shepherd, all I had to do was buy a matching Chuck It (as it's as well huge for the tennis sphere sized Chuck It). 2.5 inches is actually smaller than a tennis ball so, once again, beware concerning getting a ball that's also little for your canine.

Will these wear down a dog's teeth like regular tennis balls? What about felt being chewed off?

An old inquiry, yet I'll contribute to it. I have a 4-yr-old boundary collie that has fun with chuck spheres exclusively. Two to three times a day, throwing sessions concerning 1/2 hours to 1 hours long. The round is extremely long lasting (unlike tennis rounds, which have an associate for being bad for dogs' teeth, and also that Izzy would damage within 5-10 mins), a great thick rubber. He's yet to damage a chuckle sphere. However, these rounds do use down canines' teeth, as with any kind of various other difficult item, if the pet dog uses it long sufficient. Izzy's 4 dogs have the pointers worn down from playing ball ... the veterinarian isn't worried concerning it, but I would imagine that over the years if allowed to continue, his teeth will keep putting on down. So it relies on just how large a chewer your pet is, exactly how usually your dog plays with rounds, as well as possibly - partly - genetics. If your pet plays with rounds a lot, after that of course, lengthy term even the chuck may put on down the teeth.

Is there a non destructible guarantee?

I have a schutzhund bred German Shepherd that can shatter cow thighs with her jaws. Nothing is absolutely undestroyable, however the 3 Inch version of this round has actually lasted over a dozen trips to the canine park, that's conveniently worth 6 or 7 bucks to me. It's the most effective, safest (for the pet dog) ball I've located. Of what it's worth, Fluff n Tuff plushies are best I've found because field, but they at some point get shredded whenever she seems like it, at the very least they tend to last a month or 2. Once again, nothing is actually undestroyable when you have a solid pet dog that's additionally an aggressive chewer, but these rounds seem to be like it obtains.

Do these float? We are looking for a ball to play fetch at the lake.

Yes, now that we have a pool, we've discovered they float! Our goldens REALLY love to drop them in the water as well as watch them POP BACK UP. Repeat. As well as repeat. Also funny. Now, as with anything ... if there is a small tear in the sphere, It sinks. One ball is like that. So ... that's exclusively a backyard round up until it's trash.

So, i see this says large on the package. but, it says nothing ion the ad. which size is this one? thank you.

It's huge. You can pick the different dimension by clicking what dimension you want. I generally get the tool ones for my 50 by malinois. Yet the $ 5.99 on is huge.

what size is the "one size"? and what size launcher is needed for it?

Unsure about "one size". I obtained the Medium as well as it's about tennis ball sized. I likewise got huge and it's even more of a softball dimension.

Do these balls squeak?

They do not squeak. The smaller Kong felted balls squeak well, however the squeaker part invariably befalls after a short duration, leaving a squeak-less sphere that is not as long-lived as these chuck-it rounds.

Can you wash these in the dishwasher?

No - the water together with the cleaning agent will certainly get in the sphere and would seep back into the pet dogs mouth when they bite it, which would cause severe burns to their mouth and also throat and also potentially fatal. I wash with plain warm water under the facet and also dry with a tidy towel or paper towel.

I just want to double check, I am looking for a smooth ball, NOT a ball with fur like a tennis ball. Is this the product I'm looking for?

There is no fur on this round. It is smooth (well, a little rough). It's additionally extremely hard. My pet has not had the ability to break it, chew it right into pieces or damages it in any method. She shreds routine tennis spheres in minutes.

What is the actual size of the ball in inches?

According to the listing it claims the little is 2" in diameter. I bought the tool, which is 2.5 in size. At initial I truly suched as these rounds, up until the weather condition got chilly in Minnesota as well as the sphere split around, so now I just have 1 of the 2 bought. I presume these spheres don't like cold weather condition.