Chuckit Kick Fetch Toy Ball for Dogs

  • FUN FOR ANIMALS AND ANIMALS PARENTS: This interactive dog toy is fun for pets and pet parents, allowing pets to chase Chuckit kickball while pet parents kick, making them great dog toys for boredom
  • FLOATS IN WATER: Rubber and foam construction of This Chuckit Retrieval Toy allows for fun on land or water
  • EASY PICK UP With a deep grooved design, dogs can easily grab Chuckit’s durable dog toys for quick retrieval of tall grass while playing outside or in the dog toy basket
  • DURABLE DESIGN: The Chuckit Kick Fetch tough dog toys withstand rough outdoor dog play and features a durable construction that combines canvas, rubber, and foam. Price: $17.01 (as of 02/12/2021 01:00 AM Details )
Color:Max Glow

The Chuckit! kick fetch Ball is designed to get pets and pet parents moving for fun, interactive play. Every time pet parents use the Chuckit! ball, The deep groove design provides a random, exciting bounce, satisfying the hunting instincts of dogs. For quick and easy retrieval, the ball’s curved grooves give dogs a secure grip for a comfortable fit with a canvas, rubber and foam construction, this strong dog toy is durable for heavy outdoor play and floats for dogs that love playtime at the water. The bright orange and blue design grabs the attention of dogs in the air and is easy to see in tall grass, on the water or in the dog toy box. For pets that are active at night, a glow-in-the-dark Max glow version is available, requiring just five minutes of charging under bright light for 20 minutes of illuminated play. Offered in small and large sizes, a wide variety of dogs enjoy retrieving with the Chuckit! kick fetch Ball, making it an excellent addition to your dog toy box.

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7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches 7.05 Ounces

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December 10, 2014



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Is this good for chewers?

No, this isn't helpful for real chewers. We have Shepards and this lasted for a few months, yet they didn't eat on it that frequently. I advise the KONG X-Large Bounzer Dog Toy ( 2619533011%2Cn %3A 2975312011%2Cn %3A 2975413011%2Ck %3Akong & web page= 3 & keywords= kong & ie= UTF8 & id= 1399747102) for chewers. We have had this for a long period of time as well as it has actually still not been damaged after a great deal of chewing.

My dog loves to catch slightly deflated soccer balls in her mouth mid air. Does this ball have enough give or grooves to be caught mid air?

My 3 pit bulls absolutely enjoy this kick round. All three in fact leaps as high as they each can to punt the ball even more away from the others in order to get more time to take it before the others are able. All three have had the ability to catch the ball in mid-air. It takes them regarding a couple or couple of passes prior to them each get an idea just how to reliable grab. I alternate in between this kick sphere and the Chuck it football version to maintain them on their toes relearning just how to grab on. Regrettably, I have to fast to grab either type round if two latch on...tug-a-war will certainly decrease the bounce considerably within a pair of days. At ideal between 3 pit bulls 50-80 pounds with an occasional grab from their 75lb. Momma pit bull when she's lively, these balls last regarding a week after playing a number of times a day. These are the outright best period rounds I have been able to discover so far for my pets. If playing with only one pet dog daily, these should last months. However, the football version might be simpler on the smaller dogs.

What size is this, pics show L?

Regarding the size of a soccer round. It wonderful for huge type pets. It glows at night so you can play at evening too. We replace ours about every 6 months due to our dogs tearing them apart

Which ball size is best for a 25 lb. puppy?

Will your young puppy remain this size or grow? This ball is suggested to be kicked. It is regarding the size of a tiny soccer round yet also our 15 lb puppy has fun with it. He can not lift it yet. I believe it's indicated for pets on the 40+ dimension range.

Would this be too big for my 40 lb retriever mix?

No!! When I obtained ours my pet dog was possibly just 40 pounds also. She loved it then and also still does now (52 pounds).

Does it float?

I do not understand from my personal experience. We've never ever had fun with it in the water. However, from the feel of it and also what it's constructed from, I 'd be 99% sure that it does drift.

What size dog would this be suitable for? One of my dogs weighs about 17kg and the other weighs about 30kg?

This sphere would be excellent for both of your dogs' sizes (this round is as large otherwise bigger than a football ball) - but I would really claim it relates to the shape of their snout/nose/ jaw if they could grip it to carry it around or bring. My canine had to do with 17kg, as well and also he loved it yet he chewed it apart. My 20 pound beagle/dachshund loved it as well as might carry it about just great - more of the beagle mouth than dachshund.

I have a border collie that loves to play with soccer balls he punctures them tho, but doesn't pop it, just tears the outside. Do y'all recommend this

Yes, I have a year old laboratory that tears all her playthings up ... but not this one ... she does penetrate it but it's made so it can not stand out ... she doesn't try to shred the external covering which is really long lasting ... the style is made so she can run and get hold of the round and also keep running ... she enjoys it ... I'm amazed with this toy ... it will certainly last a very long time

Is this the 8 inch one

This is the larger one. Our collie likes it. Yes, 8 inch

Would it compress enough to fit into a large flat rate shipping box that measures 12"x12"x5-1/2"? The ball is 7-1/2" round. Thanks!

The ball will certainly not press in all. There is no means you would be able to get it into that dimension box. It would need to be at the very least 8" made even