Chuckit! Indoor Ball for Small Dogs and Puppies Dog Toy Orange/blue One Size

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  • INDOOR SAFE DOG TOYS: The durable dog ball plush dog toy features a lightweight design that protects surfaces in the home. Fits Chuckit! Indoor ball launcher for drool-free pick-up.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: For extended use as an indoor retrieval toy, the indoor dog toy features a durable multi-layer construction, making it a durable dog toy for aggressive chewers.
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The Chuckit! Indoor Ball is designed to bring all the fun of retrieving indoors on wet or cold days. Featuring BounceFlex Core technology, this indoor dog toy is lightweight to protect walls and furniture in the home from impact, yet resilient for engaging fetch games. This small dog dog toy rolls easily over hardwood or tile floors, ideal for dogs that enjoy ground chases and retrieval. With a soft chenille fabric exterior, small dogs and puppies can easily catch and carry the soft inner ball. With a multi-layered construction, the Indoor Ball is durable for long-term use. The bright orange and blue colors keep dogs interested and provide high visibility for pet parents so they can easily track the toys. The Chuckit! Indoor Ball is compatible with the indoor Chuckit! ball launcher, which improves retrieval with drool-free pick-ups and long-distance throws.

Product Dimensions

4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches

Item Weight

2.4 ounces




Canine Hardware

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Date First Available

April 15, 2011

does it have a "squeeker" in it

No squeaker inside. Great soft ball that you can toss inside that won't bounce, backfire as well as break anything.

How does the ball hold up after washing?

Can not address as my puppy chewed it up prior to I had a possibility to wash it.

Can this be easily chewed apart?

So, I'm sure this round can easily be torn apart, but it is the only towel plaything my canine has not torn to shreds in mind. I have a ~ 66lb German Shepherd and also have had the ball one month up until now, she loves to play fetch with it. It's really fairly large so she can hold it in her mouth but it's a little more difficult to sit and also eat at. Additionally ... It's typically around $4 so ... Why would you not get it?

Does this ball fit a regular (outdoor) chuckit? Or do I have to buy the short indoor Chuckit??

Lookup the indoor chuck stick. Due to the fact that if my memory serves me I believe these do fit in that one plus one more soft donut shaped toys constructed of the exact same product does also. This is a BIG ball. Possibly, at the very least the size of two tennis rounds in one. Puppy's love these rounds! Great for interior play. Been buying from them for many years. Also you can usually locate them for under $5. 00 so look around.

Is it the size of a regular tennis ball?

Good day, Thank you for your inquiry. A basic tennis sphere is 2 .57 -2. 70 inches. So this would be dramatically bigger. Best relates to, |Petmate Consumer Services |

Does this ball get all full of drool and gross like a tennis ball?

My pet dog does not risible much but it did get wet when he plays with it. It resembles a big tennis round with shag carpeting. Splashes, yet not gross. Once more he's not a drooler.

How can this be made for small dogs! Way too big for my dogs mouth. They weigh 7 and 15 lbs.

Perhaps not. Opt for something smaller sized, like tennis balls. My pet is 50 is as well as definitely crazy with it.

Does the ball make a lot of noise when it hits the ground? We are looking for something that won't disturb our downstairs neighbors.

This is the best ball ever before! It is really light wt. It's great for indoor play! My dog is a 70 # GSD with an extreme chew drive. She typically chew out a 10 inch conceal roll faster than 1 hr. She has an impressive ball drive. She had the covering of this round off in concerning 5 minutes. Yet the surprise was that it has a difficult internal round that is so soft we play in the living room for hours. Tossing the ball and also she catches it most times yet if she misses out on and also strikes it with her mouth it bounces off and strikes a light, as an example, the lamp does stagnate. The ball jumps away without a whisper of sound and she typically captures it the second it jumps off the light or flooring. NO NOISE! The down component is she would tear this ball to shreds in a heart beat so you have to maintain playing with her until you can't toss anymore, so we put it away as well as it's there for the next days play!

What is the size?

I'm not exactly sure diameter size yet it's bigger than a soft round! Grapefruit size! ♀ Our Scottish terrier picks it up by the fuzziness of it! He can order it though!

Does it fling slobber everywhere (or leave it in trails on the floor)?

Really did not have that issue having fun with my pet dog- no slobber trails seen right here. I assume it simply depends upon just how much your puppy drools. Some breeds like the Mastif have much more saliva than various other canines ...