Chuckit! Fetch Medley Ball, Medium, 3 Count

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  • 3 BALL TOYS: This set of rubber dog toys provides variety when fetching. The bouncing balls have a high impact natural rubber construction for dogs to jump and hunt. Gentle on the dog’s teeth and gums, yet resistant to aggressive chewing.
  • FITS BALL LAUNCHER Compatible with Chuckit tennis ball launchers
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Chuckit! fetch medley features three unique balls, each adding their own twist to fetch for versatile and engaging play. For dogs that love to hunt, the Chuckit! Whistler is equipped with four holes that produce a whistling sound as the ball flies through the air. The Chuckit! The rebounce ball is made from natural, recycled rubber that creates a high bouncing game and encourages pets to jump and jump. For pets that are active at night, Chuckit! Max Glow Ball is easy to charge under bright light for illuminated playtime in the dark. The pick-up balls are made from natural, recycled rubber that is durable for long-term use and easy to wipe clean of dirt and drool. Each of the balls provides high visibility for pets and pet parents, two with bright blue and orange colors and one light up dog ball with glow-in-the-dark pigment. The Chuckit! fetch medley is compatible with medium Chuckit! launchers, improving retrieval with drool-free pick-ups and long-range throws.

Product Dimensions

2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight

8.3 ounces


Unisex Adult


Canine Hardware

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Date First Available

July 15, 2004

Do they float in water?

NEW!!! (I lost a few because of those here who said yes... I thought mebbe the 1st was an aberration so I tried a 2nd. Bloop. Gone. Unless there are different versions of these packages the answer is NO do that they DO NOT float!(But I wish they would.) Test it in the sink first, to be sure. That said they are great balls otherwise. The noise makers and glow balls are great, and as others have said Even chewing dogs can't kill these balls.

Do these fit and work with a tennis ball launcher/thrower in a big field?

Yes, they are interchangeable with tennis balls in the ball launcher/thrower. These are nice because they don't absorb water and mud like tennis balls; they rinse clean and dry quickly too.

so is this a 3 total balls or 3 packs of 3 balls?

This would be just one pack of 3 balls.

Does chuckit make a whistle ball in xl size?

They make a bigger ball 3 sizes I've seen

Can you put small treats in them?

I don't think so, because the holes are very small. The balls are really good for throwing, catching and retrieving games.

I just got these balls in today and I left the glow in the dark ball outside in the sun; however it's not glowing at night. Is there anything I can do

A bright light will make the ball glow brighter, but not for longer. That applies to everything that glows in the dark. I bring a flashlight and "charge" the ball about every 5 minutes for 10 seconds.

Curious if these would be too small for our 22 pound cocker spaniel?? She's a chewer and goes through toys pretty quickly. Recommendations?

We have a 2yr.olf Lab/husky mix @ about 40 lbs., and she loves chasing the "whistles". The blue and orange balls fought well for a while, but after a few weeks of hard play, they start to split. The glow in the dark ball is fun on a dark night, but it splits a bit easier. Our dog has a pretty strong bite and they hold up well. Worth the purchase in my opinion.

Is it made from safe materials?

Crystal, that's a good question and the product says it's made of "safe rubber". Of course any animal can have allergic reactions to any substance, but my 6 dogs have had no problems with these balls for the past 2 plus years. I always supervised the dogs when they were playing with these balls so that they were not accidentally swallowed. I don't leave them lying around when I go to the dogs to chew, except for one responsible dog. I hope this helps and that you can also search the internet for any side effects, recalls or pending lawsuits. Bark, bark - Bow Wow - bye bye

How long does the Glow one, glow for?

you need to put it in the light (for best results sunlight), depending on how long you leave it in the light it can glow all night. That is my experience with the glow in the dark ball and most glow in the dark objects.

how long does the glow one stay lit?

It charges in the sun like most glow in the dark things. The longer it is in the sun, the longer it will burn. I think it's been a while, I'm rather surprised when it glowed when it was barely in the sun.