Cet Pet Toothbrush

  • Maintain good oral health for your dog
  • Prevent bad breath and tartar
  • For small dogs and cats
  • Random color

Amazon.com Price: $8.99 (as of 24/11/2021 14:31 PM Details )

C.ET Pet Toothbrush. Periodontitis affects 85% of adult dogs and cats and can lead to pain, bad breath and tooth loss.

Is this small enough for a ferret? (A small female ferret, 1.5 pounds)

I'm a vet, and also I assume you would certainly do much better with the mini toothbrush package. Search this code in your Amazon search box: B007GB9WKK

Does it have a small head? Bristles soft, medium, hard?

Really little head. Soft bristles. My feline is finicky and I have not a problem utilizing this.

is this the small short white handled rounded head toothbrush that comes with the sample of toothpaste

No, it is not. The deal with is lengthy and the brush is bigger. I use the brief, white 1 you talked about for my cats. It operates a great deal superior to the 1 pictured.

Does this come with the toothpaste?

This listing is for the toothbrush only and does not involve toothpaste.

is this the CET 304, small brush, reverse head?

I do not know what suggests, but there a graduated bristles on a single side only.

Is this the same as the small virbac I purchased for a small pom which cost three X fr elsewhere?


Is this small enough for a kitten?

We use them for Italian Greyhounds. They would be also significant for a kitten.

Is the brush plastic or rubber?

The manage itself is plastic, the brush has bristles that truly feel like a toothbrush you or I would use.

I don't see an option for selecting a color...does this listing include just one toothbrush or all four toothbrushes pictured?

I was not offered a decision. They just sent unique shade ones.

Is this good for a medium sized dog, 30 lbs?

I use this toothbrush on my cats, so it might be on the smaller side for a 30 lb. Canine.