Bone Dry Pet Drying Collection Embroidered Terry Microfiber Towel

SWEAT COW HYIR PERFECT TOWEL FOR DRY MALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE CATS AND DOGS: 44×27.5 pet towel, suitable for cats and dogs of different breeds and sizes.

  • MATERIAL AND CARE: Towel is made of ultra soft microfiber, machine washable, super absorbent and thirty, which makes your pet dry easily.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE AND EASY TO CARRY: This towel can be stored in your car for traveling for your pet or at home. Provides comfort for your pet and protection for your sofa, carpet, car, bed, floor or chair.
  • KEEP YOUR PET WARM AND COZY: Great for grooming, travel, an animal kennel or cage to keep your pet warm, cozy and comfortable.
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  • Price:  $9.59 (as of 23/11/2021 04:41 AM Details )

    Size:Pet Towel X-Large, 41×23.5

    Keep Your Pet Dry

    Bone Dry microfiber dog and cat bath towels with wide print range of embroidered bath towels available in a range! These durable, absorbent and quick-drying bath towels are long lasting and machine washable. Dry your pet quickly after a bath or after romping outside in the rain with a towel made to deal with a muddy and soaked pet.

    Lightweight and easy to maintain, this towel can be stored in your car for on-the-go trips to the water or on a hanger by the backyard door. Not just any bath towel, it can be used as a blanket on cold nights or in kennels to keep your pet warm, cozy and comfortable.

    Pets are family! they will enjoy. DII offers food bowls, mats, beds, cage liners, toy baskets, toys, bath towels, blankets and ceramic treat containers. Click the Bone Dry link at the top of the page to view our full animal collection.

    Can this towel be personalized with the pets name?

    Yes, this is possible at an additional expense additionally permit added shipment time.

    do mitts come with the towel?? The add says mitts and towel. I don't see any pictures of mention of mitts in the description.

    Humm Nope I really did not get any gloves they would of ten wonderful tho ...!! Love the towels I dried out 3 puppies with 1 towel extremely absorptive I highly recommend them.

    Wat detergent can i use?

    The washing instructions that include the Bone Dry towel states device laundry, topple dry and do not make use of, fabric conditioner. It really claimed nothing regarding what type of cleaning agent to make use of so I simply used my normal laundry soap.

    Is the green actually green? The picture shows blue.

    I received a brown towel with a pet dog paw print on it as opposed to the bone envisioned below.

    what color is the towel

    Color of the towel is a dark beige or light brownish. The paw embroidery is black.

    Would this work for a large dog with long, thick hair? I.e. my malamute.

    Thank you so much for your rate of interest in this thing! The Bone Dry Microfiber Bath Towel with Embroidered Paw Print will certainly benefit a huge pet dog with long, thick hair. It made the towel of ultra-soft microfiber that is incredibly absorbing. However, please remember that the towel procedures roughly 44 x 27.5". You may need 1 or 2 towels, depending.

    Which side of the towel do you place on the dog - fluffy or tighter knit side??

    I've used both sides for drying out the entire pet, and for simply cleaning wet/muddy paws when coming inside. It's typically whichever side I can catch him with before he removes, yet I assume for me the tighter weaved side winds up on the dog regularly if that aids.

    Does it have a loop for hanging?

    No, but the treatment directions tag might be made use of to hang it. I curtained myself over the hook which functions penalty.

    Did your towel come with the nice packaging seen in the photo? Mine did not... hoping it wasn’t a returned one just thrown in the bag.

    Some remained in plastic bags, some were not. They were all alright though.

    is the towel thick?

    No, it is a microfiber towel. It does not need to be thick to be a wonderful towel to dry your pet. My canine has thick Bichon hair, and she loves being dried out off with my Bone Dry towel since she desires to run crazy after coming in from the rainfall or snow and this towel does the job fast and gets her on her method to run and play in the house! She truly didn't, such as routine bath towels as well as she was still damp after we attempted to dry her. I hope i might help!