Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush | Soothing Massage Rubber Bristles Curry Comb for

  • EFFECTIVE BUT SOFT: The soft rubber tips quickly scrub away dirt, dead skin and loose fur, making it an excellent pet brush for grooming and bathing. It cleans the skin of pets and helps restore the shine and luster of the coat. Our portable grooming tool does not pull hair, making it a perfect brush for pets with sensitive skin. Our dog bath brush also increases the effectiveness of shampoo lather, allowing less product to go further. Achieve a deeper clean than just washing.
  • PETS LOVE THE MASSAGING BRISTLES: Your pet will love bath time now! Turn grooming into a soothing massage for your pet that feels good, cleans them and helps keep their skin and coat healthy. Our rubber brush is much gentler on your pet than coarse firm smooth bristles and is a great alternative to a metal brush. The brush is made of natural, unrefined rubber with a matte finish to reduce our chemical footprint. The brush is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY: Winner of the Family Choice Awards 2020. A coveted consumer awards program that recognizes excellent pet products while enriching the lives of our fur friends. Our waterproof pet brush can be used on wet or dry fur! The rubber curry brush construction is a safe professional grade for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, ferrets, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs with normal or sensitive skin and is best suited for short haired breeds.
  • DOES A GREAT JOB FUR REMOVAL: This dog bath brush can be used as a skin removal aid to control constant shedding. The split ends of the rubber teeth remove pet hair without excessive pulling like other brushes. The brush holds the fur and prevents it from flying around and making a mess. To remove the hair from the brush, simply turn it upside down and tap while gently pulling the hair.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We are a small family run business of animal lovers who are committed to the happiness of you and your furry friend! Based in Austin, Texas, every product we make is designed to bring harmony between people and their pets. We think you’ll find our Bodhi Dog Bath Brush no exception. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you don’t like our bath brush, just let us know and get a full refund with no questions asked. Price:  $9.99 (as of 06/01/2022 07:40 AM Details )
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8.58 x 5.47 x 1.34 inches 3.52 Ounces

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May 9, 2016


Bodhi Dog

Does this brush work well for dry brushing your dog as well or is it only when your dog is getting bathed?

It's best when damp. You can use it completely dry to clean a long-haired pet, yet I wouldn't suggest that considering that silicone items are not always glossy versus surfaces when completely dry.

Does this work on pugs?

You will certainly need to do thwack," however I don't see why a pug would be various than any kind of various other pet. My pet has brief hair and also I scrub her with it.

Has anyone use this to small puppy. Yorkie poodle mix

Yes I used it, my initial time and it functions well shampooing my pup with is Great!!

Is this made with real rubber or latex free?

It definitely really feels like rubber to the touch and not latex however not exactly sure if that would be adequate to confirm that it is latex totally free. Hope this assists.

Does it work well with dogs that have a water proof under coat? Australian cattle dog

I have a Jack Russell/beagle mix. I've constantly had difficulty showering him because the water runs right off him. This a brush is the ideal thing I've ever used. It gets right under the coat and also helps get the water/shampoo in there. Also, when I do dry cleaning, it does the finest work getting his undercoat out.

so do you apply shampoo to the brush and use it as a way to rub it in?

Thanks so a lot for your interest in Bodhi Dog. We recommend shampooing animal and using brush in a circular activity to lather shampoo and remove dirt. Thanks again!

Any tips for getting the hair out of the brush? We are struggling.

I comprehend. We have a really fine-tooth comb (I believe sold for lice elimination) that helps some.

Will this work well on Yorkies?

Hi Paola, thanks for your interest in our Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush. I can make it use of on all hair types and also definitely will make your animal feel terrific every after use. To find out more, you might message us directly as well as we'll more than happy to help.

Will tou have the bath brush in quantity 1 available soon?

Yes, our Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush in Pack of 1 is currently offered.

What is it made of? Is it non toxic & recyclable?

I made it from safe rubber. The rubber can be recycled. Rubber consumes much less energy during manufacturing, which is another reduction to our environmental impact.