Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

  • PACKED WITH REAL DUCK: A recipe made to satisfy your dog’s natural love of meat. This high protein dog food contains real duck to build and maintain lean muscle mass
  • GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD: BLUE Wilderness grain free adult dog food is made with healthy carbohydrates, including sweet potatoes and peas, to fuel your adult dog’s active lifestyle. In addition, it contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health
  • WITH LIFESOURCE BITS: This formula contains BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bits – a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support immune health, life stage requirements and a healthy oxidative balance
  • NATURAL DOG ​​FOOD: BLUE dry dog ​​food is formulated for the health and well-being of your dog and contains the best natural ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals. It never contains chicken (or poultry), corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives byproducts
  • Contains one (1) 24 lb bag of BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Duck Price: $58.98 (as of 24/12/2021 12:11 PM Details )
Flavor Name:Duck, Grain Free

Measure:24 pounds (pack of 1)

BLUE Wilderness natural dry dog ​​food satisfies the wolf spirit in your dog with more meat that dogs love. This high-protein, grain-free formula starts with delicious, high-protein duck, contains antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits, and is fortified with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, specially formulated for adult dogs, help support your dog’s energy needs

Why does the food keep changing? One time I'll order it and the kibble will be dark brown, the next time I order the kibble will be light brown

I do not know, but it produced my canine and cats sick above a time period of a number of weeks, perhaps a couple of months, prior to we traced their distress to the foods. We believed it was simply because we had moved. That is demanding, of program. But as quickly as we switched brand names, they recovered. Right after our working experience, we located a great deal of articles or blog posts about Blue Buffalo like this a single:

The description states there is no chicken bi-product meal, yet it is the second ingredient listed. I'm confused?

Chicken meal is dried ground up chicken, chicken by merchandise are at is eliminated at the mill or producers. The by merchandise are what is taken out like bones and things. Mills grind these up and promote to manufacture at a reduce selling price. Like white rice is just rice with all the brans eliminated. They grind that up and promote it as meals

First question. 1. The upper right corner of bag in image says it's free of poultry or chicken by-product but ingredient lists chicken. Which is it?

It is made up of pure chicken meal as the 2nd ingredient. If your canine has skin allergic reactions to chicken please stay away from this merchandise. Blue Buffalo does give a restricted component's edition of Blue Buffalo Salmon with no chicken but the protein degree is a great deal decrease as a sacrifice. I suggest Merrick's Salmon and Sweet Potato canine foods with 34% protein providing no chicken associated components on the label time period. Canine Meals Advisor. com provides it 5 STARS

What is the shelf life of unopened sack of Blue Wilderness salmon dog food?

The expiration date is on the bag. Trouble I have gotten shipments with 18 month shelf existence. Ordered once more in 6 months similar date. 6 months once more similar date. Now only 2 months away. Not great as I hold a 4 month provide as portion of emergency prep. 3 goldens

Does the manufacturer use Canola oil in this food?

I do not see canola oil on the label. Hope that assists!

Anyone worry about the reports that Blue Buffalo has been proven to contain poultry by-product meal, despite pervasive advertising claims it does not?

its my knowing there have been by merchandise but they declare the supplier didn't disclose this to them and they had no know-how of it... irrespective my canines like these foods and they are incredibly picky the kibbles are super tiny below the toy breed chicken taste and even though by merchandise are not a bag matter, it just may well not have been effectively disclosed on the packaging. They nonetheless place out excellent puppy foods if your concerned check out Merrick brand

Is this for adult dog or puppy? Thank you

This is grownup puppy meals while the picture does certainly display cat when zoomed in (haha). The kibble is bigger than puppy meals and it can be not particularly formulated for puppies.

So iam assumimg this bad food is the same one they have at petsmart right?

Yes. Nonetheless, we purchase this on the subscribe and conserve choice and a 24 pound bag is $36 46 and the exact same factor at Petsmart is $56 99. Significant cost savings, plus we do not have to drive and get it. It comes to our front door.

pro pack dog food does it help dogs gain weight

Not in my restricted encounter. The large-protein eating plan did trigger ongoing loose stool in my canine who had had a cast-iron constitution above 8 many years in advance of us launched these foods. And our trial lasted just about 3 weeks. Discontinued use. We observed that Wellness Core Unique Formula was properly acquired by our canine (50-lbs mutt) and our pal canine (70-lbs Dutch Shepherd). The two canines are moderately energetic (one-two hrs at canine park/day, restricted operating, tons of rolling and flopping).

Is this a resealable bag?

No. What we do is we empty the bag into a plastic container, with a sealable lid, built for pet foods.