Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle Dogs, Prevents Chewing and Biting, Basket Allows Panting and Drinking-comfortable, Humane,

  • SOFT & LIGHTWEIGHT rubber basket design provides all around mouth guard allowing dogs to eat, drink and pant without restriction while preventing biting. Used for safe socialization, safe handling during vet visits, grooming or traveling with the dog.
  • SAFE & SECURE Ergonomically designed safety strap keeps muzzle securely in place and features two attachment points with an attachment loop designed to attach to the normal collar of your dog and an optional removable head restraint
  • AD ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE Neoprene padded lining for extra comfort and fully adjustable neck and head straps with pre-drilled straps for a quick and secure fit.
  • DOG FRIENDLY – Allows dogs to drink, pant and be rewarded and treated. Perfect for daily dog ​​exercise and walks
  • EXTREMELY STRONG AND DURABLE Made from a malleable thermal plastic rubber that can be heated and molded for a personalized custom fit around the muzzle of any dog, including wide-nosed dogs. Provides all-round protection for biting or spicy dogs. Price: $20.22 (as of 14/12/2021 23:40 PM Details )


Dogs can wear a muzzle for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the careful socialization of a new rescue dog, general handling, or the safe handling of aggression, it’s important for the dog to wear a muzzle happily and safely. dr. Roger Mugford developed the patented Baskerville Ultra Muzzle to provide an optimal muzzle fit for all dogs, including shorter nose breeds such as Boxers. The Ultra Muzzle perfectly combines comfort for the dog and peace of mind for the owner. In the early days of acclimating your dog, we highly recommend using the collar loop and headband for increased security and stability and to minimize muzzle movement if your dog tries to remove it.

How do you measure for what size you need on this product?

I can't appear to obtain the proper dimension ... From the chart he is a 5 but I needed to return that reason it was big obtained a size 4 and still appears to be huge. It's a little bit challenging to tighten the front part has this strange string that is turned on it was turned when I acquired I'm trying to identify how to repair it ... I may require a size 3 but my canine is 50 pounds! I believe these muzzles run big ...

Will this fit my chihuahua 7 lbs.?

Possibly not. I got one for a 10/11 a terrier and also it was way also large. I found a mesh one that was a better fit and also I could still treat my canine. The baskerville one was practically as large as my dog's head. I got the Coastal Pet Best Fit Adjustable Mesh Dog Muzzle (Black, Size 3) The size 2 would most likely fit a chi.

Have any doberman owners purchased this product, and what was your experience with sizing/fit? Would this work with a long slender dog muzzle?

I have a huge Doberman she is 108 is. I attempted a dimension 4 however it was to near her nose. I finished up using a size 5.

What size would fit a one year old Labrador?

The overview claims 5 and I would certainly concur specifically if he's on a bigger size or has a lengthy snout! We have a 3 as well as a 4 for our 48 pound wheaten terrier as well as both fit but 4 is truly little large, as well as the 4 fits our 81 extra pound boxer also. So if your pet is on smaller sized side maybe the 4, either means it will still work effectively and also have enough space around neck.

Will my pet really be able to drink water?

Yes indeed, The holes in the muzzle are large sufficient for your canine to not only drink water however additionally eat food. If your pet has difficulty alcohol consumption or consuming, It can be the dimension of the bowel you utilize. Attempt a bigger drinking or eating a meal depending on the size of the muzzle. It really functions also if your pet is stubborn at 1st.

does this prevent overly excited playful puppy biting while playing with kids?

Technically of course BUT it is difficult rubber so the kid will most likely be wounded. You ought to consider educating the pup to not bite as opposed to using a muzzle. Your regional canine fitness instructor ought to be able to assist you however it seems like your puppy is teething also.

For a large pit bull, is there a need to add a certain amount of inches to the circumference of the muzzle to ensure a proper amount of space?

I gave my Bull Mastiff an added fifty percent of an inch and also she can consume, consume smaller food and most of all lick her nose. Hope this aids.

Most companies measure the length of muzzle and circumference. Need 3 in length.11 in circumference . What size do I order

Your size is # 3 - 3" x 11". However, what needs to I perform with a much longer, narrower nose. My boundary collie requires 3.25 - 3.5 length by 10.5 - 11" areas. Will the # 3 dimension work? I'm worried it will certainly be touching his nose.

ho wdo I measure for a muzzle I have two dogs one is Saint Beranard 60 pounds the other I am not sure of the breed she weighs 50 pounds?

Step the size of each pet dog from regarding 1/2" below the eye to the pointer of the nose. Then determine the area at that very same factor listed below the eye around the muzzle. That will provide the measurements you need to find the correct muzzle. We like to include 2" to the circumference to enable space for the pet to open his mouth to pant. Actual measurements of the Baskerville muzzles are: 1) 2.25 X 7.5 2) 2.75 X 9.5 3) 3" X 10.5 4) 3.25 X 12.25 5) 3.75 X 14" 6) 4" X 15"

Does the muzzle decrease/cease barking as well? & can the muzzel b left on 24/7? -we r trying to keep our dogs, but 1 has caused serious boo boos.

Any kind of fitness instructor will tell you to deal with the issue creating the consistent barking - perhaps obtain an interactive electronic camera setup so you can login during the day as well as convenience your canine while you are away. Muzzles aren't intended to be left on not being watched, but I realize individuals are going to do it anyway, yet please don't muzzle your canine 24/ 7. Address the underlying behavior concern. Best of luck.