Baapet 2/4/5/6 Ft Strong Dog Leash With Comfortable Padded Handle and Highly Reflective Threads for

  • HEAVY DUTY – The BAAPET dog leash is made from the strongest 1/2 inch diameter climbing rope with a very durable clip hook for you and your dog safe
  • COMFORT PADDED HANDLES – Features soft padded handles for amazing comfort, just enjoy the feeling that you walk your dog and protect your hand from rope burn
  • NIGHT SAFETY REFLECTIVE – Dog leashes with highly reflective threads keep you both safe and visible on your late evening walks freedom for your dog and everything under your control
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No matter if you and your dog don’t like this dog leash, no problem, get your money back! or buy this new cool leash for your dog today, it’s a great gift idea too! Price:  $9.89 (as of 12/12/2021 08:00 AM Details )


How does this hold up to a puppy chewing on it?

Any leash ate on by pup teeth will not hold up. You shouldn't be letting a pup chews on it. When mine shots I tell her no.

Is it machine washable or will it be less effective after machine washing? I have a dog that slobbers and his leash can get slimy.

Hi, clean by hand will be better, or the metal clasp may harm your maker, many thanks.

Does clasp swivel?

indeed, 360 turns.

The cover protector near the handle came off and now I am afraid that the end of the ropes will fray. Is it possible to get a new cover protector?

Mine came off as well, around 4 months off usage. I'm attempting to decide if I must obtain this same one or try one more brand name. Aside from the plastic cover on the front and the take care of pillow this leash feels solid, yet without the pillow manage my partner feels difficult to hold up lab.

The red looks orange. Has anyone ordered the red leash and it turned out to be orange?

It's red, maybe it resembles a little orange under some lights environment.

I have a small breed (mini Goldendoodle, weighs 13 lbs). I use leashes that have clips that are "small" in size. What length and width is the clip?

Hello there Katara, the clip dimension of the tiny leash is 2.7x0 9 inches, and also the open mouth of the clip is 0.29 inches.

Does this come in 10 ft?

It is 5 feet.

What size should I get for my yorkshire terrier? He is 16 lbs when walks alot but closer to 19 lbs like in the winter.

It depends on your "Yorkie." Does he pull when strolling or does he stroll leisurely? I make use of the 1/3 inch 5-foot chain due to the fact that mine is easygoing. So, if yours is not, I would suggest the 1/2 inch 5-foot length, which is stronger. Excellent luck.: -RRB-

Why doesn’t the plastic poop bag holder open? It’s very wasteful to think it’s one time use.

The bag owner screws off at the end to insert the roll of bags. You feed the bags tossed the hole on the side as well as draw them via. I really hope that assists you.

Why is the 5 foot leash cheaper the 4 foot?

I don't understand yet we're extremely satisfied with the 5 foot leash.