Andis Easyclip 2-speed Animal Nail Grinder

  • Lightweight and powerful.
  • Aeasy, fast and stress-free way to give pets a perfect pedicure..
  • Pperfect for all breeds of dogs and cats.
  • Ergonomic silicone cover. Price:  $41.79 (as of 24/11/2021 17:46 PM Details )
Style:Nail Sharpener

This Andis blade is chrome plated and has a carbon rim for Andis detachable clippers. It can also be used with other brands of detachable clippers. You can use this blade with multiple types of clippers and it is easy to attach. Andis universal attachment combs also fit this knife set.

Can you use this on human nails?

We made this item particular to Dogs and also felines, however I do not see why you could not use on human nails. You might try it if you like, but the choice is your own.

Does this work fast on large dogs (saY 75 pounds or more with large paws) and how fast can you do each nail?

I do not have large canines ... 9 # and 18 #. It works fantastic on them. I take 30-45 minutes every 2-3 weeks to do one dog's nails. I maintain saying I'm going to do it weekly, but it hasn't happened yet. I would certainly purchase it once again tho.

may i know what is the voltage

Excellent old U. S.of A. 110 volt.

Will this fit a dremel

It's made for a drama

Will these replacement fit my Oster grinder? They look like the ones I have?

Yes, I have Öster and dreams and I use for both

Will this fit a Conair pet grinder

No. I just tried it on a Conair. The pins are just slightly too big.

Does this product Andis Pet Nail 2 Speed purple nail grinder come in a black cloth carry/storage bag


can i use this on a dremel grinder

Yes, I have one formula and no worry

Can this be used on a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot?

I would not use it on anything smaller after that a pet cat can end up being rather cozy

Jst bought this and tried to put it together and it is not working you put it in and it just spins it does not lock in place. what am i doing wrong?

You need to have gotten directions and a tiny wrench. Comply with the directions "to put a new fining sand drum". It involves pressing a huge black recessed button on the side (collet release switch) while making use of the wrench to tighten the ribbed location (collet nut). Mine required fairly a bit of pressure to press in the switch. There is a flat, smooth location on top of the collet nut the wrench suits. As you transform the nut, keep securely pushing the button and also you will certainly really feel the button "give" at a certain factor and the switch will dispirit even more. When that happened, I could tighten up the nut which locks the fining sand drum into place. It appears difficult, yet once you do that effectively, it will make even more feeling. My sanding bands were a little loosened, though. I dealt with that by making use of double-sided scotch tape. I first cut the tape to the width so it wouldn't extend past the sides of the fining sand drum. Then I put ONE layer of double sided scotch tape around the fining sand drum prior to sliding the sanding band onto the drum. Then I pressed the sanding band onto the tape to make good contact. If you place too many layers of tape on the sanding drum, the band won't fit over it as well as it just lots up. The tape has been lasting for 2-3 uses before I need to peel it off and reapply a fresh piece of tape. Hope this helps!