2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness | Adjustable Gentle Comfortable Control for Easy

  • Recommended by Whole Dog Journal, the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) and many dog trainers for ultimate flexibility, control and training.
  • Stop Pulling!: Attaching your leash to the martingale loop at the back allows your dog to walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, but can also be discouraging by gently pulling around the chest. Attaching your leash to the ring on the front of the chest will help you keep your dog under control. Using a double-sided strap, you can connect the front and back of the harness at the same time for even more control.
  • Comfortable and Durable: The Freedom no-pull harness has a soft velvet lining on the strap that goes behind the legs to prevent sores that sometimes occur with harnesses. This well-made harness can withstand daily use by even the strongest of dogs!
  • Chew Warranty: Manufacturer will replace up to two chewed tires only for shipping cost. Please contact us for instructions if your harness needs repair. Please note that it is best not to leave the harness on your dog as the chewing can happen FAST!
  • Perfect for all dogs: Great control, four adjustable points and maximum comfort and safety make the Freedom harness perfect for puppies as well as adult and senior dogs of all breeds. It's also great for dogs with amputations, arthritis, or other injuries.

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We have been successfully using a Gentle Leader, but don't like explaining that it's not a muzzle. Is this a good alternative?

They have their very own brand of no-pull harness, which I have actually had excellent success with. I as well really did not like explaining that the leader had not been a muzzle. A no-pull harness isn't the service for every single dog. I tried this brand name of harness on 6 dogs (I foster) and it was ineffective on any of them. 5 of them react well to the Premier no-pull harness (same brand name as gentle leader). Every canine is different. I would certainly recommend posting likely to the place you gained the gentle leader and also considering choices. All the best! Also remember that this design of harness can massage on the underarms of some pet dogs. I advise no-pull harnesses to all of our adopters and one adopter used it on the pet they received from me and it scrubbed his armpits raw after one stroll. Another pal had this occur too. These have actually all been pet dogs with really brief layers (Boxer, Pointer). The freedom harness has extra padding so needs to minimum this, but once again, it did not function to aid minimize pulling for me.

Is this harness easy to apply to the dog, or does a person need an engineering degree and a perfectly still dog to put it on?

Really very easy, yet first you require getting the permanent change appropriate, then you are always ready, even for a wiggly pooch. One of my sad poodles usually remains in her bed while I place it on for the park. I hold the martingale part, slide it over her head, allowing the upper body piece fall with the clips. Then I can clip one sides before she stands and the various other side when she heads for the door. I managed it for 2 pets with an arm in a cast. Item of cake. I highly suggest getting the leash. There is a video clip around that shows you exactly how to train the canine to let him place the harness over his head, however we never ever had that issue.

Is this a harness that can be left on the dog all th time, or will the dog be able to chew it?

My laboratory is the most difficult canine I've ever before needed to walk on a chain, and also this is the most effective harness that I've located to manage her. However, I left her in my truck while I waited to pay the veterinary bill, and also by the time I go back to the vehicle she had chewed with the harness. I will certainly buy it once more because it is the finest method to regulate her. If anyone around has a far better harness, please let me recognize.

length of leash?

The leash concerns 5' long when made use of at a single link factor. When linked at both ends, it provides you concerning a 3.5' lead.Have a fantastic day and thanks for supporting our small company!-- Cirencester Service monograph Expertise.

What size for a 90 lb. golden retriever?

I got the large for my 50 lb. pet dog. I would most likely state the XL for a 90 pound. pet dog. Or you might call the firm to be twice as sure.

How long is the leash?

It's not worth getting the firm promises help and also replacement of it damages, but they never react

I have a 50 lb lab/boxer mix with a 29" girth. What size should I buy?

I purchased a huge for my 60lbs laboratory mIx (28" girth) and a medium for my 50lbs surround collie and also my gigantic dog can actually put on both. I located those to be truly flexible to a vast array of size however, i would probably opt for the large.